We are on the last stage before stable production version.
This is our plan for next quarters 🚀


Surveyed the landscape. Formed concepts around what a solution would look like. Started laying the foundations


After a year of intensive development Frank has achieved community preview version

Community preview

Prepared environments, published the app, website and basic marketing done

Stable product

Fixing reported bugs. Building community and brand awareness. Maturity & features in Frank core.

What's Next

After a year of intensive research, development and preparing dev environments, Frank has achieved community preview version and we're approching stable version with strong commmunity support.

We want to:

  • stabilize the app and eliminate major bugs
  • implement backlog and reported ideas
  • build solid and strong community and brand awareness

Feature Roadmap

Currently iterating on

We have the foundations for these in place, and are working on making them better.

Mobile app community preview

Building stable and publishing mobile app for iOS and Android platforms

Part configs database

Preparing database for all car parts, service dates and plans


Implementation of chatbot for quick support


Support for multilanguage interface

Next up

Near future plan

Mileage support

Custom mileage tracking

Expense types

Manage better expense types

Related part

Related part field in Expense log and Service Book modules

Push notifications

Notifications for calendar reminders

Have an idea / suggestion?